Reload Screenshot

Reload Reload

A basic app with a dynamic UI and custom SwiftUI interactivity.

Pinch Pinch

A full-featured gesture focused app highlighting SwiftUI's full suite of touch gestures.
Pinch Screenshot
Fructus Screenshot

Fructus Fructus

Using on-device storage, this app creates a deeply informative and dynamic interface built with custom reusable components.

Africa Africa

Using AVKit and MapKit to create a media-centric app, bringing information on Africa's fauna to users in fun and interactive ways.
Africa Screenshot
Touchdown Screenshot

Touchdown Touchdown

An eCommerce proof of concept, this app utilizes a global data structure to create an easily configurable shopping experience.

Devote Devote

Utilizing Core Data, this app features full database read/write functionality, dynamic light/dark-mode and iOS widget support.
Devote Screenshot
Developers Screenshot

Developers Developers

A simple card-based app, with contextual alerts and notifications.

Avocado Avocado

Featuring complex nested components, this recipe app highlights SwiftUI forms, adaptive colors and images, and a deep user-journey.
Avocado Screenshot
Slots Screenshot

Slots Slots

My first game, this app supports iOS and Mac Catalyst devices, bringing simple game logic, animations, and UI to Apple devices.

To Do To Do

My most customizable app to date, this To Do app utilizes the local device database, and allows users to configure the app theme and icons dynamically.
Todo Screenshot
Honeymoon Screenshot

Honeymoon Honeymoon

A swipe-to-match style app to help users select a honeymoon destination, this app features CloudKit Core Data and full-featured interactivity.


My most ambitious app, this proof of concept combines the full suite of SwiftUI functionality with Apple and third-party APIs, to create an automated, passive, habit-building app which places the user at the center of their own adventure.
RPG Me Screenshot