Developers Developers

A simple card-based app, with contextual alerts and notifications.

  • iOS 15+

  • SwiftUI 2.0


Developers is an app which introduced two new features of iOS development: alerts and iMessage stickers. The underlying app is designed to be minimal, with limited interactivity and an uncluttered design to maintain focus on the new elements introduced in this build.


The design of the Developers app is by and large the most minimal app design to date, the app features a single card view with the same text, image, and button elements which were introduced in previous projects. These cards consume data from a static struct data set, and are looped in a horizontal ScrollView() to enable smooth scrolling through the entire set.

Where Developers sets itself apart from previous projects, is the inclusion of the Alert type, which allows a system-generated alert to be displayed on screen. In traditional builds, these alerts are reserved for success messages or error handling, but are ultimately a prominent method of information delivery which requires user interaction to dismiss. This creates a forced interaction by the user, and increases the liklihood of information retention by the end-user. As these alerts are configurable, they are able to consume data in the same way as other SwiftUI elements, and as such can display varying data based on their context.

The final element of this build is the inclusion of an iMessage sticker extension which creates a fun, interactive element for users outside of the main app functionality. iMessage stickers can be sent as traditional picture messages, or can be 'placed' on any message in an iMessage conversation. Building an iMessage extension involves merely selecting a set of image files, and adding the Sticker Extension target to the project. Once the app is installed to a target device, the sticker extension is installed alongside and available to the user in the native Messages app.



The introduction of the Alert type and iMessage Stickers resulted in a simple project which truly highlighted the developer-friendly nature of the Swift framework. Implementing an iMessage extension could not have been an easier addition to an existing project, begging the question why so few apps have actually implemented this solution in their products.

Similarly, iOS's built-in alert system provides a simple and effective method for delivering information in a way which is not only easily consumed by the user, but displayed prominently without impacting an apps underlying design. Conversely to the limited popularity of iMessage extensions, it is easy to see why this integrated alert system is the default method of alert delivery for most iOS apps.